What does X-ray do to our bodies?

The use of X-Ray in the medical industry first started in the late 1800s. Two centuries later it is still being used as a vital part of the medical treatments and processes, this alone indicates their importance in the medical world. X-ray radiations can pass through solid objects.


When X-Rays were first introduced, doctors were amazed by the new technology and used it frequently in examining their patients.  They were unaware of the consequences of the radiation until the doctors themselves and their patients started to become ill. This is called “radiation sickness”.  Today, doctors must consider the amount of electromagnetic radiation that is harmful to humans because too much radiation can cause many health risks.


Excessive amounts of radiation from X-rays can cause cancer and many other health issues, like DNA mutations and leukemia.  X-rays can be dangerous because the charge of the wavelengths can break a cell’s DNA chains. This cell now has the potential to die or mutate, which can cause the cell to become cancerous.  


Additionally, it is dangerous for both men and women to get and X-Ray if you are pregnant or looking to become pregnant.  Exposure to X-Rays (especially in the reproductive area) can cause mutations of the sperm or egg, causing your child to develop leukemia or birth defects.  


However, if you get the occasional X-rays at doctor’s official visit, you will not be at high risk for cancer.  It’s the excessive amounts of exposure that pose a threat. In fact, X-Rays may be more beneficial than problematic. Thus making it more harmful to the person administering the X-ray as they come in more frequent contact of these harmful radiations.


X-Rays are used to examine broken bones, detect cancer and tumors, and reveal many other medical conditions.  Using an X-Ray Machine is much safer than methods used previous to X-Rays. For example, doctors in the past had to perform surgery on their patients to examine broken bones.  This more easily posed health threats to the patients, such as putting them at risk of infections. Now, a simple X-ray can help the doctors with these examinations and without the risks of surgery.


It is also important to note that since the discovery of X-Rays, researchers have discovered that lead is a key component of X-Rays.  Due to its thick density, lead can be used to shield patients from some (but not all) of the electromagnetic wavelengths from an X-Ray.  This shield gives us more protection and a lower risk of the rays harming our body. Lead shields can be made for any type of X-Rays, both dental and medical.


If you go for regularly scheduled exams, doctors are aware of the radiation risks.  It is alright to get a single x-ray done without causing any harm to oneself. Don’t refuse a single X-Ray because you’re afraid of its health effects. The harm on your body will be slim to nothing.  

Keeping these points in mind, and understanding the significance of X-ray it is best to find a mid-way.


Hi-Xblock tiles is one such tool that absorbs the harmful radiations coming from X-ray machines. It has been developed by Hayaan Innovations Pvt. Ltd, Pune. These tiles are recommended to be used across polyclinics, hospitals. More than the patients, people administering the machine come in frequent contact to these harmful radiations. Use of HI-Xblock tiles helps in reducing the X-ray radiations as it absorbs most of it.


Some features and uses of the HI-Xblock tiles can be listed as below:


  • It highly reduces the harmful effects of radiation on anyone coming in contact with these rays.
  • It is a cost-effective solution for hospital staff and patients to protect them from harmful radiations.
  • Can be used for multiple radiation prone areas (MRI Rooms, CT Scan).
  • Less expensive than the conventionally preferred lead tile products.
  • These tiles are not prone to leakage as compared to conventional lead-based products.
  • No recurring installation or sealing cost.


Apart from this effective tile, Haayan Innovations has a varied range of products that can be used. These products are created post research, analysis and market understanding. The team of Haayan is skilled and provides direct sale to the end-user. The elimination of middlemen would enable users to directly purchase the product from company source at a cost friendly value.


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