Your Ideal Stress Buster

Are you or someone whom you know is highly stressed? Often we blame this stress to people surrounding us or work pressure or bad times.

Terms like unnecessary work pressure, rat race, arguments with the spouse, clashes with a spouse, partner or family and friends have increasingly become common. It is slightly difficult to pin the exact reason for any form of stress. We humans each have individual characteristics and behavioral traits, they normally govern our interactions and behavior towards others.

Another reason that leads to us being stressed, is the negative energy surrounding us. Many deny the presence of any such form of energy, however, research and studies have still kept it open for debate. The concept of this energy is agreed by some and denied by some, some people are trying to still decide.

One such source form of energy is the Geopathic stress. This is a type Earth’s vibrations which rise up through the Earth and are distorted by weak electromagnetic fields created by subterranean running water, certain mineral concentrations, fault lines and underground cavities. The vibration distorted becomes abnormally high and harmful to living organisms.

Simply, in non-technical words, it is the rays emitted from Earth which affect the overall well being of a human being. People, when exposed to these rays on regular basis, might experience sickness, tiredness and might become irritable.


It is difficult to identify people suffering from stress issues due to negative energies. The signs are often same as regular ones and difficult to differentiate. It is important for us to be alert and attentive towards any signs indicating to this stress. This can slowly effect to your physical and mental health.

Some of the symptoms to look out, which will help you are listed below:


  • Being abusive to people around you, this can be physical as well  as verbal
  • Road Rage
  • Getting aggressive at specific locations.
  • Stressed Relationship.
  • Effects health of structures like building and all.


With the advancement and improvement of technology, most of the fatal illness can now be treated through medication, care and therapy. These studies have allowed people to research and create an environment, such that it breaks through the negative energy and replaces it with positive ones.

How to reduce the negative energy

Research has proven that the stress-inducing energies can be reduced, to ensure less effect on our surroundings. One such tool is the Pro-positive Mat from Haayan Innovations Pvt. Ltd.

Stress Buster Pro-Positive Mat“In 1952, a German physicist W.O. Schumann identified 7.83Hz as a frequency of the earth’s magnetic field. 7.83Hz frequency falls within the range of natural human alpha brain waves which is an optimum state of well-being and healing.”

Keeping this basic principle in mind, the team of Haayan Innovations have created Pro-Positive Mat, which is an effective Geopathic stress buster. When the user comes in contact with the mat, it emits electromagnetic energy to create a positive and healthy atmosphere. This mat, when used daily, improves your overall behavior and make you more positive and energetic.

How to use Pro-Positive Mat

It is to be used as a mat, best when sleeping or sitting for long durations. You can use it while sleeping, sitting and watching TV. Usage while sleeping is ideal, as during sleep your body and mind is already in the more relaxed state. This helps in overall improvement of your blood circulation also.

Features of Pro-Positive Mat

  • The Pro-Positive Mat absorbs negative energy from the body due to its electromagnetic energy.
  • Enhances blood circulation keeping you physically active.
  • The electromagnetic energy from the device helps reduction in overall stress and create a positive energy around you.
  • Enhances overall health due to the positive energy and reduction of exposure to geopathic stress.
  • Helps you in fighting fatal diseases like cancer.


Haayan Innovations Pvt. Ltd believes in innovation for a better tomorrow. They keep innovating and collaborating with various other such innovators to create useful and user friendly products. The team is also conscious and ensures that these products can be purchased at minimum cost by the masses.The product has been developed post lots of research and analysis by the team members. It has been ensured to meet the highest quality standards

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