Signs of Negative Energy Around You and How to Clear it Out!!

Often, we come across the term negative energy. Whenever something isn’t going our way, we’re quick to blame it. the concept of negative energy or geopathic stress might appear superstitious it is also scientifically proven.

Negative energy is often associated with one particular individual or location. These are those people who tend to make you feel uncomfortable and unhappy whenever they are near you.

Is Negative Energy Real or a Myth?

Negative energy is often used to explain the unexplainable by people. Often, we hear people complaining that the bad things happening around them are due to negative energy. It is difficult to prove the presence of Negative energy, it is more of feeling the same around you or in someone. However, the presence of negative energy has been proved by science also.

At times most of us tend to ignore the symptoms of these energies by choice or lack of information on the subject. Various case studies have successfully proved the presence of these energies. At the same time studies have also shown that the effect of these can be reduced. Many people have used and found effective results.

Let’s take a look at some of the signs of negative energy

Signs of Negative Energy in Your Life

1. Excessive complaining

Sometimes negativity is so deep-rooted that you don’t even notice it and complaining is a good example of this. Complaining is a continuous cycle and is never-ending. If you notice yourself or someone else who is constantly complaining more often than usual or have trouble finding the positivity in life, that’s a sign you may need to clear out some negative energy.

People who suffer from excessive complaining are normally more worried about trivial issues, thus causing unnecessary conflicts and confusions.

2. Criticizing

Criticizing is just a form of complaining, the difference being that you do it about other people. It might make you feel bad and awkward at a later stage though.Criticizing has never helped anyone and should be avoided at all costs.

This characteristic is directly proportional to complaining. A person who is always criticizing is skeptical and critical of anything and everything happening around him/her, no matter the goodness of it.

3. Negative Relationships.

Another sign that you’re affected by negative energy is when you surround yourself with people who are also of negative nature. It’s almost like you feel drawn to them and in this case, 2 negatives don’t make a positive for sure.

If you can’t judge yourself then look at the people around you. Are you one of those who likes spending time with negative people or constant complaining people? If the answer is yes then you really need help.

4. You blame others

Instead of taking responsibility for your actions and facing the consequences, you tend to try and find the easy way out by blaming others. Finding faults in others and blaming others is what you are comfortable with.

These people try and find reasons to blame others for anything and everything that goes wrong in their life, irrespective how big or small it is.

5. Everything is cluttered

Clutter and disorder are one of the major signs of negative energy. It’s hard to remain focused when you’re surrounded by it. The science of feng shui states that clutter blocks the passage of energy from flowing through a home.

Clutter around you is not appreciated by anyone and often tends to cause you to be irritated and restless.

How to Clear Negative Energy

When you know the problem it is easy to solve it through various ways.  there are a number of steps you can take to clear the energy surrounding you.

1. Declutter

If clutter brings about negative energy, then decluttering will definitely make things better. Take steps to remove the items that don’t bring value to your life, do it one by one otherwise it would create more clutter.

Keep your surrounding clean and clutter free. Though you might not notice a clean surrounding tends to bring a positive vibe to the place.

2. Create a sacred place

Post clearing your space, there would be many empty or vacant spots. Now that you’ve made all that space, take the time to establish an area, which gives you peace. Keep pictures, idols or anything that gives you peace. Whenever in turmoil sit there and meditate or just relax.

In case you follow some spiritual guru, utilize this space to keep some pictures. Another option is to keep fragrant candles or incense sticks for a calming atmosphere.

3. Surround yourself with positivity

When you’re taking efforts to come out of the negative space around you, it’s important to surround yourself with positive energy in the form of people, books, movies, retreats, etc. Anything is fine as long as you are interested in doing it.

As mentioned earlier, if negativity attracts negativity then obviously it is valid vice versa too. Surround yourself with positive people and thoughts to feel positive.

How to Detox Your Home of Negative Energy

Removing negative energy is also feasible through some of these steps, some are conventional and some unconventional.

Sea salt is one detoxifying option that works well against Negative salt. It can be used a number of ways in the home. For example, scatter it around the inside perimeter of the home, leaving it overnight, and vacuuming the next day. You can also place a small bowl of sea salt in water under your bed overnight to detoxify the body.

Use of products like Hi-Pro positive from Haayan Innovations Pvt. Ltd., is an effective negative energy remover. The Pro-Positive Mat, is made of Organic Materials that enhance the flow of positive energy in your body. Use of the Hi Pro-Positive mat regularly while you are sleeping, helps you feel more relaxed and rejuvenated.

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