Protect your Important Papers with Hi-Non Tearable Papers

We all have a set of important documents, be it our education certificates, mark sheets or identity cards which we preserve throughout our lifespan. Lamination and filing of these documents for future was the traditional approach. This was never a fool-proof and 1which is now not feasible. The use of non-tearable papers is the correct solution and way out.

These important documents are exposed to wear and tear due to frequent use and handling by us. Lamination and filing of these documents for future was the traditional approach which helped in avoiding the tearing of papers due to frequent use. Though not a fool-proof method it was preferred and followed by all.

Non- tearable papers are an ideal solution for these type of documents. Non- tearable paper is also called as Tyvek and it is very difficult to tear and cut even with sharp objects like knife or scissors.

This type of paper is widely becoming popular amongst various Educational Institutes. They are using these papers to create and share the degrees, mark sheets and certificates. These documents are used a lot during our career span and hence are prone to wear and tear due to mishandling. The education institutes in India have already started to issue degree certificates & mark sheets on these resistance non-tear able papers.

Documents related to law proceedings are important and to be preserved for many years and generations. The normal paper used in our day to day work is prone towards tearing and are of brittle nature. Use of non-tearable paper for such important documents helps in increasing its lifespan.

This paper can let air pass through it but prevents liquid water from entering it. Hence, it is the choice of the industry in products such as Envelopes, Marathon Number Bibs, Wristbands etc.

Haayan Innovations manufacture and market Non- tear able papers. The HI-Tyvek non-tear able paper is tough, durable product that is stronger than paper and more cost-effective and versatile than fabrics and requires no lamination at all. The HI-Tyvek is a high bursting strength, 100% water resistant, Anti Pest control technology, non-toxic and Bio-degradable material and 100% recyclable.

Some Features and Advantages of Hi-Tyek Non-tearable Paper

  • High-quality paper hence lamination is not required for this type of paper.
  • This paper is durable and can’t be torn even with the use of force.
  • The paper has High Bursting Strength
  • 100% Water resistant to prevent any mishaps in the event with water.
  • The paper is Non – toxic and chemically inert.
  • The Anti Pest control technology used keeps the paper save from pests.
  • Allegiance to look.
  • The papers are Non-duplicable that means it can’t be copied for misuse.
  • Bio-degradable material and 100% recyclable.

Uses of Hi-Tyvek Non-Tearable Paper

  • Tyvek is an excellent non-tear able paper for Printing of durable educational documents like Degree Certificates, Marks Memos, Provisional Certificates
  • It is an ideal solution for government-related documents like Tabulation Registers, Death & Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, caste & Position Certificates or any document which is to be preserved for years can be printed on Tyvek.
  • Tyvek also is used to create billboards, name card for events and occasions.
  • Tyvek Envelopes is the best replacement for cloth lined covers, Confidential Seal Envelopes for question paper dispatch and key sheets, Shopping preserve advertisement or Study Material Dispatch.

Haayan Innovations Pvt. Ltd has a variety of innovative products. These products have been developed with great care and research. Each product is unique and carefully designed to ensure that it is useful to the buyers. These products are sold through direct sales team hence eliminating the concept of the middleman. This affects the overall final price of the product and enables the consumer to buy it at a very low cost. The team of Haayan is focused towards producing everyday products and market at a pocket-friendly price.

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