Company Overview

Company Overview

Haayan Innovation has been set up with the intention of bringing new and innovative products to the market only after tapping the necessity in the market and not on luxury basis. We are constantly working towards bringing such products to the larger customer base.

The products offered by Haayan Innovation are technically and scientifically tested and proven. We have received appreciations for our new and innovative products from government bodies. Many of the products are made in India. The thought process over the product making comes from the scientists and technical developers of India. HAAYAN Innovation is gearing up to set up the framework for the marketing strategy that helps to promote the new and innovative products solutions effectively via digital marketing. The target customers could be able to buy the product solution in a straight line from Haayan Innovations via its inside telesales group. The traditional collateral will be available, including a sales guide, data sheet, and inclusion in the family of products brochure. The product will be showcased at trade shows, road shows, conferences, etc. also includes demo stations, workshops.

We are working diligently towards building social media platform to engage our target audience demographically, also ensuring that we don’t appear as push sellers in front of them. Create trust in our audience through our advertising and publishing activities.


Haayan Ideology

We strongly believe in creating products in a unique way for the necessity market. Introducing new products which are innovative, enhanced quality and tested makes Haayan a business that can differentiate our products from other businesses in same industries.

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