Are You Aware of the Negative Energy Surrounding You?

Do you recently feel that you are surrounded by negativity at home or office? Things like unnecessary arguments in office, unusual behavior of the family members or pets, sudden loss of finances, kids behavior become rude or maybe your once flourishing garden has suddenly gone dry. All these could be due to the presence of negative energy in your home or office area.

Apart from observing the various behavioral factors, these negative energies can also be identified through scientific procedures and tests.  Now that we know the problem has been identified, finding a solution is the next step.

Changing the job or buying a new home. Well, that’s the first thought that would come to your head. However, it is easier said than done. finding a new job or a new home to replace your current one is difficult.  Everything changes your friends, nearest market, your kid’s school and friends. There are too many things to consider before taking this decision.

So there are other options which help you overcome these issues without taking any drastic steps.

Let’s take a look at this small video,


In the above video, a happy man Rahul is effected with negative energies. His home is surrounded by negative energies, leading to problems in his family life. Unhappy and irate kids and wife had started bothering him. This, in turn, was affecting his work and overall peace of mind.

On discussion with his friend, he becomes aware that one reason for this behavioral change could be negative energies. His friend tells him about Hi Pro-Positive mat from Haayan Innovations Pvt. Ltd.

Haayan Innovations has created the Pro-Positive Mat, which is made of Organic Materials to enhance positive energy flow in the body and the entire room and is effective stress solution. It works against the negative energies surrounding a particular area.

Use of the Hi Pro-Positive mat regularly while you are sleeping, helps you feel more relaxed and rejuvenated. The regular use of this mat changed Rahul’s life altogether. He is now happy and content with his family life, thus flourishing in his professional life.

The Hi Pro-positive mat is made with organic materials and can be used daily. The product is a cost-effective solution for reducing the impact of geopathic stress in your surroundings. Marketed by Haayan Innovations, these can be easily purchased through direct sales person, or you can contact the Haayan team by clicking here.


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