Steel (Narayani Ispat-Partnership)

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We at Haayan work in the area of industrial trading wherein we provide services for procurement of goods across locations. Some of the products we deal in are steel products. (Narayani Ispat-Partnership).

We at Haayan innovate to make a safer, healthier and happier you.

Steel (Narayani Ispat-Partnership)

Narayani Steels Limited manufactures and trades iron and steel products in India. It manufactures TMT bars, rounds, squares, angles, etc. and trades billets, blooms, ingots, iron ores, etc. Product mix is produced by using the most advanced and latest technology is our new generation, high-strength ribbed bar – the NARAYANI TMT. Quenching & Tempering Technology has enabled the production of these high strength re-bars.

Extra toughness, a high elongation value of 18-25%, ductility, the ability to weld and an excellent ability to bend. Truly, they’re bars that have been made with no compromise on strength and durability, and they will surely give your homes longer life. The NARAYANI TMT Bar comes in the following grades and sections: Fe 500 and Fe 500 D


  • Construction
  • Transport
  • Energy
  • Packaging
  • Appliances and Industry
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