Klenztone-Surface cleaner

Product Information

Klenztone is a surface cleaner and has been developed with an aim to clean surfaces without harming them.

People speak of using acids and blasting to clean, but in practicality, they are just removing the first layer to remove the dirt. The KLENZTONE surface cleaner, approach to cleaning surface is to penetrate into the pores and release the dirt from the surface so it can be rinsed off. It cleans where others fail and ensures the original surface can be easily maintained.

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Features & Advantages

  • KLENZTONE surface cleaner does not contain Hydrochloric acid , Hydrofluoric acid , Sodium Hydroxide or any other corrosive acids and alkalies.
  • Water base, Non-hazardous , Non-flammable and effective.
  • Release no V.O.C.
  • Can be left to dry on stone surfaces – The stone or pointing will in no way get hurt or harmed even if KLENZTONE is left on the stone surface to dry for months before rinsing.
  • Only surface cleaning product that has no contact time specification in the world.
  • Preserves surfaces by removing impurities from pores of the stone.
  • Safe for the environment – KLENZTONE is readily BIODEGRADABLE.
  • Ideal cleaning solution prior to weatherproofing procedure.
  • Property is protected, not destroyed.
  • Restoration principles are observed.
Products Surface Usual Application Areas
Klenztone 1 Limestone , Sandstone ,Concrete Expose Aggregate , Rough Marble Exterior
Klenztone 2 Unpolished Granite and Marble Field Stone , Stucco , Firebrick Exterior
Klenztone 3 Terrazzo , Marble and Travertine Floors Exterior
Klenztone 4 Brick , Polished Stone , Granite Floors , Baked Enamel Flagstone , Glazed Terra Cotta , Unglazed Ceramic Tile Exterior and Interior
Klenztone Safe Etch Removes Laitance & Prepares Concrete surface for overlayes Exterior and Interior
Klenztone C.S.P Preparing Concrete/ Stone surfaces for application of coatings or adhesives , To clean efflorescence , Tile Grout Joints Exterior and Interior
Klenztone Superb Clean woodwork , Vinyl tile floors , Marble/Granite floors Ceramic tile floors , Oils motors Exterior and Interior

Application / Usage

  • Architectural buildings.
  • Historical monuments and Offices.
  • Municipal corporations.


  • Klenztone does not contain Hydrochloric acid, Hydroflouric acid, sodium hydrochloric or any other corrosive acids and alkalis.
  • Water base, non-hazardous, non-flammable and effective.
  • These are considered by most to be the greatest advance in surface cleaning as a result of 50 years of active continuing research.
  • The only known process that goes into the masonry pores to bring the grime and discoloration to the surface to be easily rinsed away with water, without harming the surface of pores.
  • Masonry areas with dirty pores continue to look dingy and unattractive.
  • This is serious situation, for millions of square feet or structurally sound masonry walls, floors of terrazzo, marble and granite that have been covered with vinyl, tile, carpeting or other inferior coating.
  • KLENZTONE FORMULATIONS are non-destructive, nor does KLENZTONE eat away hard surfaces.
  • Replacing harsh methods as acids, or blasting with abrasives, that eat away the surface and dirty pores that exposes the softer, tender pores below that are susceptible to attack from harmful elements in the atmosphere.
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