Insta Chill-Instant Cooling

Product Information

Insta Chill is an innovatively formulated product for car AC and other such AC devices, designed for Instant cooling effect from Haayan. In hot humid conditions, it takes a long time for the AC to provide cool air. Spray Insta Chill and switch on the AC for Instant cooling experience within seconds.

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Features & Advantages

  • Optimum utilization of power and efficiency of AC Units.
  • Instantly cools air from Ac vent.
  • Helps in maintaining the temperature cooler inside the car for longer period of time.

Application / Usage

  • Online sales
  • Offline retail
  • Partners
  • It can also be used in Domestic AC and Office Ac’s


It is an Innovatively formulated product in aerosol form to enhance ac cooling system in car within 60 seconds. The Product is CE certified (Compliant to European Standard)

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Insta Chill
Insta chill-Instant cooling effect
Insta chill

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