HI-XBlock-Xray Shielding

Product Information

Haayan Innovations believes in making the daily and important tasks more user-friendly and cost-effective for all. One such innovative product is the X- Block Tile, which is an X-ray shielding tile, it ensures negligible harm to the person coming in contact with X-rays. The X-Block tiles are a cost-effective methodology to ensure the safety of people being exposed to harmful x-rays.

The X-Rays are ionizing electromagnetic radiation that has very short wavelength and hence high frequency and high energy which is harmful to anyone who is exposed to them. Exposure to X-rays cause mutations in our DNA and can lead to cancer. The conventional approach of using the lead-based tiles is extremely expensive for use and implementation.

Through extensive research and studies by our expert scientists, We at Haayan Innovations have created X-ray shielding Tiles. The tiles help users avoid the harmful impacts due to coming in contact with radiations. This is a cost-effective solution for helping those who come in regular contact with X-Ray. The tiles are created post in-depth study of the scenarios to ensure the user gets the optimum solution at the best cost.

We at Haayan innovate to make a safer, healthier and happier you.

Features & Advantages

The features of X-Block Tiles created by Haayan Innovations are:

  • It highly reduces the harmful effects of radiation on anyone coming in contact with these rays.
  • It is a cost-effective solution for hospital staff and patients to protect them from harmful radiations.
  • Can be used for multiple radiation prone areas (MRI Rooms, CT Scan).
  • Less expensive than the conventionally preferred lead tile products.
  • These tiles are not prone to leakage as compared to conventional lead-based products.
  • No recurring installation or sealing cost.

Application / Usage

  • Hospitals


Lead free. Contains Barytes and jointing system designed to provide protection from X-ray radiation.

  • X Block tiles are specially engineered wall tiles to block, absorb and diffuse radiation.
  • Less expensive than conventional (Lead tile) products.
  • Non-toxic as compared to conventional products.
  • No recurring installation or selling cost.
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