HI-Tyvek-Non Tearable Paper

Product Information

The non-tearable paper is gaining wide popularity in many sectors like security documents and banks for high-security documents and contactless payments. The education institutes in India already started to issue degree certificates & mark sheets on these resistance non-tearable papers. The HI-Tyvek non-tearable paper is tough, durable product that is stronger than paper and more cost-effective and versatile than fabrics and requires no lamination at all. The HI-Tyvek is high bursting strength, 100% water resistant, Anti Pest control technology, non-toxic and Bio-degradable material and 100% recyclable.

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Features & Advantages

  • Lamination is not required.
  • None tearable paper.
  • High Bursting Strength.
  • 100% Water resistant.
  • Non – toxic.
  • Chemically Inert.
  • Anti Pest control technology.
  • Allegiance in look.
  • Non-duplicable.
  • Bio-degradable material and 100%.

Application / Usage

  • Tyvek is an excellent non-tearable paper for Printing of durable documents like Degree Certificates, Marks Memos, Provisional Certificates, Tabulation Registers, Death & Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, caste & Position Certificates or any document which is to be preserved for years can be printed on Tyvek.
  • Tyvek Envelopes is the best replacement for cloth lined covers, Confidential Seal Envelopes for question paper dispatch and key sheets preservence, Shopping preserve advertisement or Study Material Dispatch.


  • It is made up of thermally bonded high density polythene fibers with a basic weight of about 110 GSM thickness of about 10.3 mils, tensile strength of about 66 to 72 lbs/ inch opacity of about 97%.
  • It is made up of HDPE fibers and a spun bound olefin, with an average GSM of 75 and thickness of approximately 200 microns.
Highly Tear Resistant Tyvek is a unique material with unsurpassable strength and outstanding tear and puncture resistance.
Water and Chemical Resistant Tyvek is Chemical, solvent and acid rain resistant. Tyvek does not deteriorate, gets Yellow or brittle with time and can be stored for years.
Scratch  Resistant  and  Rip  Resistant Printed  impressions  cannot  be  removed  easily  by scratching and thus it is very difficult to tamper the data once printed on Tyvek
Not possible to photocopy on Tyvek ®  Tyvek® melts in a photocopying machine and Colour laser printer and thus unless someone has the original design with all the security features incorporated, it is practically not possible to duplicate.
Stain Resistant During continued usage, even if the certificate is stained with dust, it can be safely cleaned by using plain water to restore original whiteness and without disturbing the colour and printing on the certificate.
Excellent Look A certificate printed on Tyvek ® looks possibly the best among any regular papers. This is with a GE Whiteness index of almost 96.
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