A Quick Guide to Types of Fire & Extinguishers

Any form of accident leads to huge loss, be it Human life or property. Accidents caused due to Fire is a major reason which causes loss of human life and often damages property to a great extent. It is extremely important that all the possible necessary precautions are taken in the fatal event of a fire outbreak.

However, the fact remains that there are many misconceptions related to when it comes to fire extinguishers. It is important to understand that not every fire is same and not all of them should be extinguished with water or any other source.

Let’s take a look at some of the types of fire

Class A- These are the most common types of fire. They are fires involving solid materials such as wood, paper or textiles.

Class B – These are fires involving flammable liquids such as petrol, diesel or oils. They come in various capacities and are easily available.

Class C – These are fires involving gases of all forms.

Class D – These are fires involving metals.

Class K- These are fires involving cooking oils such as in deep-fat fryers.

Like fires, the extinguishers also come in varied types depending on the extinguishing agent being used. It is important that user knows what fire extinguisher works in what category of fire. Let’s take a look at the same.

Water: Water-based extinguisher are used for type A fires always in places where there is no electricity.

Water spray: they are ideal for extinguishing type A fires and appropriate for type B fires. They should be avoided in the presence of electric current as the water could cause an electrocution. ideal for fires in, gardens, barbecues, etc.

Foam: Ideal for type A and B fires, we have all seen firefighters in some simulation spray with foam. Like the previous one, it is dangerous in the presence of electricity.

Powder: is the most common type and used in any building. It is indicated for fires of type A, B and C and being of dust avoids the electrical risk. It is the most recommended for houses, offices or any building.

CO2: CO2 is a gas and therefore doesn’t conduct electricity. These types of extinguishers are suitable for type A, B and C fires. Usually used where the there are elements like laptops or expensive machinery which can be damaged by foam or water spray.

Elide Fire Ball

Elide Fire Ball

Elide Fire Ball is an innovative device developed with latest fire suppression technology by Haayan Innovations Pvt. Ltd. The working principle is simple the suppression system gets activated within 3-10 seconds of coming into contact fire and disperses extinguishing chemicals. This type of fire ball is suitable for the major A, B and C types of fire.

Features of Elide Fire Ball

  • Elide Fire Ball has got an International Patent PCT by 145 countries worldwide.
  • Elide Fire puts out the fire automatic without human assistance.
  • Standby 24 hours a day and 365 days a year for 5 years.
  • The efficiency of one ball can cover a fire volume of 3 cubic meter radius.
  • Free maintenance cost without a refill and check with a lifespan of 5 years.
  • Environmental friendly non moisture absorption non -conductive non- toxic.

Though small the Elide fireball can be used in most of the areas,

  • Industries, Warehouses & Go downs, Hospital, Clinics, Health Institutes & Laboratories.
  • Electrical Panels, Computer Server Rooms, Generators etc.
  • Hotels, Restaurants, Tea Coffee shops.
  • School, Colleges, Offices, Record Rooms.
  • Petroleum & Oil Storage Areas & Petrol Pumps.
  • Airport, Railways & Bus Depots.
  • Buses, Trucks, Tankers, ships & Cars.
  • Govt. Departments, Banks, Financial Institutions etc.
  • Cinemas, Stadiums, Concert, Wedding & Convention Halls.

Fires impact people, property and our environment in all countries around the world. In some cases, the resulting losses are much more, causing hundreds of deaths, damage to property and contents and significant impacts on the environment. Fire causes irrecoverable damage, be it human, property or assets. The burned warehouses or industrial locations are one example of the plight that the owners and workers would have suffered.

Especially in the cases of high rise buildings, the risk involved is more. The past few decades have seen a rise in buildings and they are prone to more casualties due to the restricted space and the huge number of people residing or working in the complex. To avoid these casualties fire extinguishers are always kept handy.

The Elide Fireball from Haayan Innovations Pvt. Ltd is an innovative product from the range of products marketed by them. Take a look at www.haayan.co.in and check out all the various innovative products.

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