Why Our Innovative Products

Ease of life

Our aim is to make the daily chores easy & user-friendly by providing Innovative products.

Care for Earth

While inventing we ensure that our Innovative products are environment-friendly for the future generation.

Healthy living

We want to make the art of Healthy living as a lifestyle rather than just a necessity through our Innovative Products.

Our Innovative Products

X-ray shielding

These are Non-Toxic tiles that absorb and diffuse X-ray radiations.

Detox juice

These are a Premium range of natural juices with zero additives.

HI-Pro Positive
HI-Pro Positive

This Device helps to reduce the geopathic stress around you.

Waterless bathing product
HI-Water Less Bathing

Feel refreshed anywhere without the traditional bath.

Non-tearable papers

This is Non-tearable paper used for banks and legal documents.

Elide Fire Ball
Elide Fire Ball

This is a Ball-shaped Fire extinguisher with auto activation.

Surface cleaner

This is an Extremely effective and powerful surface cleaner.

CNC training machine
VR CNC Training Machine

These are virtual training solutions for heavy and complicated machinery.

Communication and management solution

Seamless connectivity for all students, teachers and parents.

Insta chill
Insta Chill

A formulated product in Aerosol to enhance cooling.

Steel products

High end Quenching technology for steel products.

Coal products

L&T is leading coal trading in central India.

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